photo cred: The Bowery Vault. Nashville, Tennessee


Fri. 1/17. 9pm. Johnny Brendas w/ Jesse Malin. Philadelphia. PA.

Tues. Kings w/ Jesse Malin. Raleigh. NC.

Wed. Visulite w/ Jesse Malin. Charlotte. NC.

Thurs. The Grey Eagle. Asheville. NC.

Fri. 1/24. . The Earl w/ Jesse Malin. Atlanta. GA.

Fri. 2/14.  BERLIN. "California" Video Premiere SHOW w/ SUSU, Radiant Reveries, Adam Masters, & Rachel Ana Dobken. East Village. NYC.

                             photo cred: Mark Askinos  @ The Bowery Electric. East Village, New York City

Sun. 1/12. 7:30pm. THE SAINT w/ The Ecks Men. Asbury Park. NJ.

Sat. 1/4. Birthday Hootenanny @ BERLIN w/ Special Guests. NYC. East Village. NYC.

Sun. 12/29. 7:30pm. 11th Street Bar w/ Diane Gentile & Dina Regine. East VIllage. NYC.

Saturday. 10/19. 8pm. The Green Lantern. Lexington. KY.

Saturday. 10/19. 8pm. A Better Brewing Co. Winchester. KY.

Monday. 10/14. 7pm Doors.  Smith's Olde Bar w/ Pony Bradshaw. Atlanta, Georgia.

Sunday. 10/13. 9pm. 11th Street Bar. East Village. NYC.

Friday. 9/27. 8pm. The Bowery Electric. East Village. NYC.

Sunday. 9/8. 9pm. Tom Clark's Treehouse (above 2A). 25 Avenue A. East Village. NYC.

Saturday. 8/31. 5pm. Danny Clinch Transparent Gallery. w/ Rachel Ana Dobken. Asbury Park. NJ.

Thursday. 8/29. Berlin. w. Rachel Ana Dobken & Radiator King. East Village. NYC.

Saturday. 8/10. 7pm. Burning Bridge Tavern w/ Don Dilego and Bookhouse Boys. Wrightsville. PA.

Sunday. 8/4. 9pm. Stone's Tribute. Coney Island Baby. 169 Avenue A. East Village. NYC.

Sunday. 7/28. Live @ Drew's w/ Aaron Lee Tasjen. Ringwood. New Jersey.

Wednesday. 7/17. 7pm. The Georgia Theater. Athens. Georgia .

Sunday. 7/14. 8-9:30pm. 11th Street Bar. East Village. NYC.

Friday. 5/10. 6:30pm. Free Music Fridays @ The American Folk Art Museum. Upper West Side. NYC.

Sunday. 5/5. 6:30pm & 9pm. The Bowery Electric for Rock Against Dementia. East Village. NYC.

Friday. 5/3. 8pm. Debonair Music Hall w/ The Eck's Men & Zeke Carey. Teaneck. New Jersey.

Sunday. 3/3. 9:15pm. Berlin. East Village. NYC.

Wednesday. 2/20. 9pm. w/ Radiant Reveries. Coney Island Baby. East Village. NYC.

Wednesday. 1/23. 8pm. Berlin . East Village. NYC.

Monday. 1/21. 8:30pm. The Knitting Factory w/ Molly Ruth. Brooklyn. NYC.


Saturday. 12/15. 8pm. Berlin. w/ Adam Masterson. Johnny Couch. GRITS. East Villae. NYC.

Friday. 12/7. 8pm. Coney Island Baby w/ Don Dilego & The Touristas. East Village. NYC.

Sat. 10/27. 10pm. The Sidewalk Cafe w/ Alan Merrill. East Village. NYC.

Fri. 11/23. 7:30pm. EOP Songwriter's Shootout. Red Clay Music Foundry. Duluth. GA.

Fri. 9/21. 10pm. The Sidewalk Cafe w/ Alan Merrill. East Village. NYC.

Sun. 8/26. The Village Idiot. Maumee. OH.

Sat. 8/25 . 9-12am. Homeslice. Toledo. OH.

Fri. 8/24. 6-10pm. Swig. Perrysburg. OH.

Thurs. 8/23. 9-12am.  Cocoa House. Temperance, MI.

Sun. 8/5. Sunday's at the Stage in the Woods. Oneonta.NY.

Tues. 7/31.  Berlin w/ Dillon Carmichael. East Village. NYC.

Sat. 7/28. The Sidewalk Cafe w/ Alan Merrill. East Village. NYC.

Sat. 6/30. The Sidewalk Cafe w/ Alan Merrill. East Village. NYC.

Sun. 5/26. The Fermentory.  James Island. SC.

Sat. 5/25. The Barrel Charleston. James Island. SC.

Fri. 5/11. 8pm. The Burning Bridge Tavern w/ A Valley Son. Wrightsville. PA.

Sat. 5/5.  Coney Island Baby. w/ Fiona Silver. East Village. NYC.

Sat. 4/28. 10pm. The Sidewalk Cafe w/ Alan Merrill. East Village. NYC.

Fri. 4/20. 7pm. The Georgia Theater. Rooftop.  Athens. GA.

Thurs. 4/19. 5:30-8:30. The Barrel w/ DEADWIN. James Island. SC.

Wed. 4/18. 6-9pm. Tattooed Senorita. James Island. SC.

Fri. 4/13. 5:30-6:00pm. The American Folk Art Museum. Upper West Side. NYC.

Sat. 3/25. 8pm. Burning Bridge Tavern. Wrightsville. PA.

Fri. 3/24. 10pm. Sidewalk Cafe w/ Alan Merril. East Village. NYC.

 3/3. The Bowery Electric. 6:30pm. East Village. NYC.

 2/28. B-Side Ballroom. Oneonta. NY.

2/25. 9-12am. The VIllage Idiot. Maumee, OH.

2/24. Folk School Coffee Parlour. Ludlow. KY.

2/22. 5-9pm. Tattooed Moose. Charleston. SC.

2/21. 10-1am. Surf Bar. Folly Beach. SC.

 2/20. House Concert. Knoxville, TN. *

 2/17 House Concert. 10:30pm. Cincinnatti. OH. *

1/9. 8pm. The Bowery Electric w/ Eck's Men. East Village. NYC.


12/16. 8pm. Berlin. w/ Adam Masterson. East Village. NYC.

12/3. The Barrel w/ Darius Ruckus.  James Island. SC.

12/1. 10pm. Smokey Oak. James Island. SC.

10/22. 10pm. The NICK w/ DEADWIN. Birmingham. AL.

10/21. 8pm. Smith's Olde Bar w/ DEADWIN. Atlanta, GA.

10/14. 9pm-12am. Homeslice. Toledo.OH.

10/13. 9pm-12am. Cocoa House Temperance. MH

10/12. 6-9pm. Swig. Perrysburg. OH.

10/11. 8pm. The Village Idiot w/ Andrew Ellis. Maumee. OH.

10/7. 8pm. Chico Feo w/ DEADWIN. Folly Beach. SC.

8/26. 10pm. The Sidewalk Cafe w/ Alan Merril. East Village. NYC.

8/18.10pm. Clyde's On Main w/ Gaslight Street. Chattanooga, TN.

8/15.  8:30pm. Willie's Locally Known. w/ Gaslight Street. Lexington, KY.

7/20. 8pm. Sellersville Theater. w/ Jesse Malin. Sellersville, PA.

7/2.10pm.  Tom Clark's Treehouse. East Village. NYC.

6/24. 9pm. The Sidewalk Cafe. East Village. New York City.

5/25. 7pm. The Delancey. Lower East Side. New York City.

4/29. 7:30pm. Berlin. East Village. New York City.

4/22. Live @ Drew's w/ Joseph Arthur. Ringwood, New Jersey.

4/9. 7:15pm. The Scratcher Sessions @ The Scratcher. East Village. New York City.

4/5. 9pm. Maxwell's Tavern. Hoboken. New Jersey.

3/11. 8pm. Berlin w/ Jesse Malin. East Village. New York City.

3/9. 8:30pm. The Delancey w/ Don Dilego & Rich Adams. Lower East Side. New York City.

2/12. 6pm. Live @ Drew's. Ringwood. New Jersey.

2/10.5:30pm. American Folk Art Museum. Upper West Side. New York City.

2/4. 8pm. Berlin w/ Holly Ramos. East Village. New York City.


12/15. Niagara w/ DAYGLO & The Skells. East Village. NYC. 

 11/29. Piano's w/ Danny Fingers & The Thumbs. Lower East Side. NYC. 

 11/15. Singer's & Song's, VOL. XIV. 417 W. 57th St. Manhattan. NYC. 

w/ Bryan Dunn, Jeff Litman, & Bucky Hayes

Sat. 10/8. Live @ Drew's w/ Hollis Brown. Ringwood. NJ.

Sat. 10/1. Live @ Drew's  w/ Don Dilego. Ringwood. NJ.

8/19. BERLIN. w/ Jesse MalinDon Dilego, & Anthony D'Amato. East Village. NYC. 

8/10. DROM. East Village. NYC. 9:30pm

8/9/ Nowhere Bar. w/ Chis Padgett & Deadwin. Athens.GA.TBD.

8/6. Clyde's On Main w/ Gaslight Street & Travelin Kine. Chattanooga, TN. TBD.

8/5.Clyde's On Main w/ Gaslight Street. Chattanooga, TN. TBD.

8/3. Willie's Locally Known w/ SUSTO and GASLIGHT STREET. Lexington. KY. TBD.

7/31. Normaltown Hall. w/ Tommy Stinson and Hank Sullivant. Athens. GA. 6pm.

 8/2. The Green Lantern. Super Secret Show with Super Secret Band Name  Lexington. KY. TBD.

7/26. Merury Lounge w/ The Way Down Wanderers. Lower East Side. NYC.

7/21. Bowery Electric. Sally Can't Dance Ramones Tribute. East Village. NYC.

7/16.Burning Bridge Tavern. Wrightsville. PA.

7/15. Arlene's Grocery w/ The Silks. Lower East Side. NYC.

7/12.Wild West Brooklyn. Grand Opening Party. Williamsburg. NYC.

6/25. Stella's. Perrysburg. Ohio. 7-11pm.

6/24. Homeslice. Toledo. Ohio. 9-12pm.

6/23. Swig. Perrysburg. Ohio. 7-10pm.

6/22. BB King's w/ David Allen Coe. Times Square. NYC. 7pm.

6/18. Smith's Olde Bar. w/ Lorraine Leckie & Shana Robbins. Atlanta. GA. 7pm.

6/17. AFTEROO. Hippie Hill. Christiana.TN. 12pm.

6/4. Shawn's Irish Tavern. Toledo. OHIO. 8pm.

6/3. Fleetwoods Tap Room. Toledo. OHIO. 10pm.

6/3. National Anthem. Hensville Park. Toledo Mudhens vs Indianapolis Indians.

6/2. Stella's Restaurant. Perrysburg. OH. 6-9pm

6/1. The Village Idiot. Maumee. OH. 6-9pm

5/31. Bourbon Street on Main. Lawrenceburg. KY. 5pm.

5/29. Willie's Locally Known. Lexington. KY. TBD.

5/28. The Nick w/ Pony Bradshaw and Kyle Kimbrell. Birmingham. AL. 10pm.

5/27. Little River Marina. Moss Point. MS. 8pm.

5/26. The World Famous Celtic Irish Pub. Pascagoula. MS. 8pm.

5/24. The Barrel. James Island. SC.

5/19. Surf Bar  w/ DEADWIN. Folly Beach. SC. 

5/18. Tin Roof West Ashley. w/ DEADWIN. Charleston. SC. 

5/16. Georgia Theatre Rooftop. Athens. GA. 

5/13. The Citizen. Jersey City. w/ The Sensational Country Blues Wonders. 

5/6. Pickering Creek Inn First Friday's w/ The Whiskey Hickon Boys. Phoenixville. PA.

4/24. The Scratcher Sessions @ The Scratcher. East Village. NYC. 

4/21. B-Side Ballroom. Oneonta. New York. 

4/20. B-Side Ballroom. Oneonta. New York. TBD.

4/16. Old School House Par-tay/Show. south austin. no cover. byob. 4pm doors.

4/12. Harmony Music @ Wok 'n Roll. Woodstock. NY.

4/9. Nudie's Brooklyn Bonanza @ Wild West Brooklyn. Williamsburg. Brooklyn. Time TBD.

4/4. Lunchtime Series @ The Burren. Somerville, MA. 1pm.

4/3. In The Round @ The Burren. Somerville, MA. 7pm.

4/2.  The Lost Highway. ONAIR @ WMBR 88.1 FM. Cambridge. MA.

4/1. Lucille's Bar & Grill @ BB King's Blues Club. NYC.

3/24. The Shop w/ Band. Bushwick. Brooklyn.

3/19. Sweet Heat BBQ Bast. Port Charlotte. FL. 

3/12-3/13. iHeart Radio Seafood Festival. Punta Gorda. FL. 

3/6. Terrapin Brewery. Athens. GA. 

3/4. Americana Garage w/ Mechanic Steve K. WRFG 89.3 FM. Atlanta. GA. 

3/2. The World Famous Celtic Irish Pub. Pascagoula, MS. 

2/26.Bourbon Street On Main. Lawrenceburg. KY. 

2/27. Smith's Olde Bar w/ Jeremiah Tall. Atlanta, GA. 

2/28. The Nick w/ Taylor Joiner and DEADWIN. Birmingham. AL. 

2/25. Bourbon Street On Main. Lawrenceburg,KY. 

2/23. Engine House Deli. Winchester, KY.

2/22. Private Show. Detroit, MI.

2/21. The Village Idiot. Maumee. OH. 9:30pm

2/20. Veritas. Toledo.OH. 8-11pm.

2/19. Swig. Perrysburg.OH. 9-1am.

2/16. Caffe Vivaldi. Greenwhich Village. NYC. 7:00pm.

2/13. Caffe Vivaldi. Greenwhich Village. NYC. 3:30pm.

2/12. Fat Baby. Lower East Side. NYC. 9pm

1/21. Harmony. Woodstock. NY. 5pm.

1/29. The Shop w/ Full Band. Bushwick, BK. NYC. 10pm.

1/28. The Strong Place. Cobble HIll. BK. NYC. 7:30pm.

1/22. Steel Stacks. Bethlehem. PA.  8pm.

1/13. Radio Bean. Burlington, VT. 9pm.

1/11. The Burren. Somerville,MA.1pm. 

1/10. The Burren. Somerville, MA. 8pm. 

1/9. Caffe Vivaldi. Greenwhich Village. 1:30pm.


12/29. Caffe Vivaldi. Greenwhich Village. NYC. 8pm.

12/26.Brooklyn Cantina. Johns Creek, GA. 7pm.

12/13. The Scratcher Sessions. The Scratcher. East Village. NYC. 7pm.

12/20. The Village Idiot. Maumee. Ohio. 9:30pm.

12/21. Bourbon On Main Street. Lawrenceburg. KY. TBD.

11/21. Caffe VIvaldi. Greenwhich Village, NYC. 3pm.

11/17. Bourbon On Main w/ Riley Logan. Lawrenceburg, KY. 7pm.

11/15. Charlie Bob's Restaurant. Nashville, TN. 6:30pm.

11/14. Brooklyn Cantina. John's Creek, Ga. 6-10pm

11/13. Eddie Owen Presents @ The Red Clay Music Foundry. Duluth, GA. w/ Ira Wolf. Time TBD

11/12. Terrapin Beer Company. Athens, GA. 5:30pm

1/11. The Nick. Birmingham, AL. TBD.

11/10 The World Famous Celtic Irish Pub. Pascagoula, MS. 10pm.

11/9 Muscle Shoals Night @ The Nowhere Bar. Athens, Ga. 10pm.

11/2. The Mercury Lounge. Lower East Side. NYC. 7pm.

10/26. Old Towne Pub. Pasadena, CA. 10pm

10/19. ON AIR w/ WCNI 90.9 FM New London, CT.

10/16. CMJ FestivalThe Bitter End. Greenwhich VIllage, NYC. TBD. Full Band Show.

10/5. This Ain't Hollywood. Hamilton, ON, Canada.TBD 

10/4. The Rivoli. Toronto,ON, Canada. 7pm.

9/20.  Grazing Here. Wounded Warrior Benefit. Peachtree City, Ga. 3pm.

9/18. The World Famous Celtic Irish Pub. Pascagoula, MS. 11pm.

9/16. LIC BAR. Long Island City, New York. 10pm

9/13. Athens Pride. Washington Street. Athens, Ga. 3:30pm.9/16. LIC BAR. Long Island City, New York. 10pm

9/12. Brooklyn Cantina. John's Creek, GA. 4pm

9/11. The Bitter End. Greenwhich Village, NYC. Full Band Show. $10 @ Door. 7pm.

9/5 Steel City. Philaddelphia, PA. w/ WhiskeyHickon Boys. TBD.

9/4 The Pickering Creek Inn. Phoenixville, PA. TBD

8/31. Barking Spider Tavern. Cleveland, Ohio. 6pm.

8/30. Village Idiot. Maumi, OH. 10pm.

8/29. Willie's Locally Known. Lexington, KY. 8pm.

8/27. Wild Bill's Fillin Station. Amarillo, TX. 7:30pm.

8/26. The Steaming Bean Coffee Company. Durango, CO. 4-6pm.

8/24. Coal Street Pub. Gallup, NM. 7:30pm

8/21 & 8/22. State Bar. Flagstaff, AZ. 7pm.

8/20. Wild Bill's Fillin Station. Amarillo, TX. 7:30pm.

8/19 Hotel Vegas. Austin, TX. 7:30pm w/ Shane Cooley, Jessie Torrisi, and Jimi Heinritz

8/17. The World Famous Celtic Irish Pub. Pascagoula, MS. 9:30pm

8/15. Smith's Olde Bar. The Atlanta Room. $7 @ door. 7pm.

8/13 The Mill. Charleston, South Carolina. w/ Elle Carpenter 10pm.

8/12. Terrapin Brewery. Athens, GA. 

8/11 Lake Olmstead Stadium. Augusta, Ga.  Performing National Anthem @ Greenjackets Game.

8/10 Rooftop @ The Georgia Theatre . Athens, Ga. 

8/7 Sparta Summer Concert Series @ Dykstra Concert Park. Sparta, NJ.  

8/3.  WNTI 91/9 FM.  ON AIR w/ Stew on "Down in Front". Hackensack, NJ. 8pm.

7/16. The Bitter End. Greenwhich Village, NYC.

6/21. Wild Wing Cafe's Wingstock @ City Market. Savannah, Ga.

6/15-6/19. Afteroo @ Hippie Hill. Cristiana, TN.

6/14. Charlie Bob's Restaurant. Writer's Night. Nashville, TN.

6/12 & 6/13. Levee Lounge @ The Golconda Mansion. Galconda, Illinois.

6/1. 8pm. The Georgia Theater. Athens, GA.

5/30. 9:30pm-12:30am. The Peerless Saloon. Anniston, AL.

5/29. 10pm. Thunders Tavern. Pascagoula, MS.

5/28. 11pm.  The Nick. Birmingham, AL.

5/27. 12 noon. WDVX 89.9FM Blue Plate Special

5/21. The Bitter End. Greenwhich Village, NYC.

5/21. "Let There Be Country" w/ Host Country Kenny. WFDU 89.1 FM. Teaneck, NJ.

4/12. Gamma Phi Beta Betaroo. Athens, Ga.

4/11. LiveWire Athens. Athens, Ga.

4/9. The World Famous Celtic Irish Pub. Pascagoula, MS.

3/28. Huc-a-poo's. Tybee Island, Ga. 

3/24. WFIV 105.3fm  ON AIR album Feature w/ DJ Joe Stutler. Knoxville, TN.

3/21. Smith's Olde Bar. The Atlanta Room. Solo Acoustic Show. Atlanta, Ga.

3/20. WRFG 89.3FM. Americana Garage w/ Mechanic Steve K. Atlanta, Ga.

3/11. The Bitter End. Full Band Show. Greenwhich Village, NYC.

3/10. WDFU 89.1FM "Let There Be Country" w/ Country Kenny. Teaneck, NJ.

3/4. WWUH 91.3FM. Hartford, CT. w/ DJ ED McKeon and Lorraine Leckie

2/17.  WDVX Blue Plate Special 89.9 fm. Knoxville, TN.

1/22. Tre Amici @ The Bunker Singer/Songwriter Night. Tampa, Fl.

1/20. Burro Bar.  Jacksonville, FL.

1/18.  Eddie Owen Presents @ The Red Clay Music Foundry. Duluth, GA.

1/17. The Peerless Saloon. Anniston,AL.

1/14.  The Nick. Birmingham, AL.

1/13. 11pm. The World Famous Celtic Irish Pub. Pascagoula, MS.