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On “California,” Swindall brings some levity to her more heartfelt, roots-driven You Can Call Me Darlin’ tracks with a lighthearted tale of a girl trying to making her way—despite the male distractions. “It’s much lighter in subject matter and tone than some of the others songs [on the album],” Swindall tells American Songwriter. “So it makes a good counter, rounding it out.”

"You Can Call Me Darlin' If You Want" OFFICIAL VIDEO


Single Out now via Velvet Elk Records Recorded @ Atomic Sound NYC

"Refuse to Be Blue" September 20th, 2020 Livestream Bowery Electric, NYC

GARDEN SESSIONS: "You Can Call Me Darling If You Want" November 7th, 2019 Underwater Sunshine Fest


Kelley Swindall sits down for a One On One Garden Session at Underwater Sunshine Festival on November 7th , 2019.
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Audio & Video by: Ehud Lazin
Setlist: Refuse To Be Blue  /  You Can Call Me Darlin' If You Want  /  I Ain’t For you, You Ain’t For Me  /  My Minglewood Blues

GARDEN SESSIONS: "Refuse To Be Blue" November 7th, 2019 Underwater Sunshine Fest

GARDEN SESSIONS: "I Ain't For you, You Ain't For Me" November 7th, 2019 Underwater Sunshine Fest